Come Sunday night many people are already stressed about the week ahead. Between long meetings, kids’ activities, and fitting in seeing your loved ones, it can be hard to keep up. Follow these five easy tips to keep your week more exciting without the added stress!

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Plan ahead of time

This may sound like an obvious one but simply going through each day of your week and the tasks that need to be accomplished for 15-30 minutes on a Sunday will make you feel more prepared for the week ahead. You can also plan which nights you are going to cook at home, do a fun activity with your kids, or finally get to tackling a difficult task.

Get Your Body Moving

We don’t have to be told twice that doing some physical activity for at least thirty minutes is great not just for our body, but for our mind and soul. Even if you have a busy evening planned, try to squeeze in a quick walk during lunch and take the stairs to the office. Hate going to the gym? Search YouTube for endless workouts including dance routines, yoga, and even three minute abs!

Schedule a Quick Coffee Date

Everyone is so busy these days-whether it’s taking the kids to soccer practice, putting in extra time at work, or starting a new activity, finding time to meet up with friends sometimes take a backseat. Schedule a time with your friend to see a friend for even 45 minutes. Being able to laugh and catch up will allow you to feel more at ease and have positive vibes the rest of your day.

Have Some “Me” Time

Between the demands of our bosses, clients, spouses, kids, parents, and more, we tend to get carried away with making sure everyone else is happy. But when you forget about satisfying your needs, your happiness can take a toll. Carve out even 10 minutes a day to make sure you have time to think, breathe, and relax. You may need to wake up 10 minutes earlier before your kids or spouse so there are no disruptions, but the clarity you will feel after is definitely worth it!

Try Something New!

When we’re always doing the same things, we get the same results. While incorporating change can seem intimidating it could be as small as trying to cook tuna instead of salmon, or checking out the pilates class instead of your normal yoga. When we try new things we’re pushing ourselves to explore more, and ultimately learn what does and doesn’t make us happy. Who knows, you may surprise yourself!

What are you doing this week to make a difference in your life?

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