Stress on the mind? Here are some quick things you can do to relax today!

To make your week ahead as stress free as possible, the team at Sigal Therapy have thought up a great promotion for you! For New AND Existing Customers, get 30% OFF when you Book a session now. Here are the 8 steps:

1. Spray a new scent in your home or room

Whether it’s a favorite perfume you haven’t worn in a while or a special oil diffuser, making your room smell warm and inviting is sure to make you feel literally more at home. 

2. Buy yourself flowers

Even a small bouquet for $5 will leave you happy as you are adding something new and beautiful to your home. If you’re feeling more adventurous go for a plant that you can watch grow and take care of over time. 

3. Create a real or virtual collage of the places you wish to visit

Include the sites, food you’ll eat, and activities you wish to try there. 

4. Give yourself a virtual break

Sometimes the constant feed of our friends’ new babies, work complaints, or news from around the world makes us feel down. Whether it’s a day or even three hours without surfing the web (especially from your phone) you’ll feel a sense of relief that you don’t always need to be so tuned in. 

5. Stretch!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert yogi. Even trying to elongate your limbs will make any tension in your body start to drift away. If you can, alternate between child’s pose and downward dog to really feel some relief! 

6. Take a dip!

Whether it’s at the beach or just in your bathtub, submerging your body into water will do wonders for your body and mind. Say it with me now, “ahhhhh” 

7. Laugh!

If you’re at the office and need a quick pick me up, fifteen seconds or three minutes of a funny video will definitely put you in a happy, more relaxed mood. Better yet, share it with your coworkers or friends. 

8. Pet an animal

Studies show that cuddling up with a furry friend isn’t just good for them, but it’s great for us. If you don’t have one of your own, next time you see a cute pup being walked ask if you can scratch the little guy’s head-you’ll both be sure to crack a smile. 

Relax today by booking an appointment online with Sigal Therapy!

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