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“Sigal is an outstanding professional. She makes you understand your current situation and gives you directions and support in order to re-invent yourself and your career. I’m currently living abroad and that was no issue. She is just a Skype call away! Warmly recommend her to everyone who would like a different perspective on their current and future ambitions.”
Miriam Tikwa
Senior Business Consultant at Strand Associates Consulting

The Sigal Consulting approach to finding that great job is different. From the comfort of your own home, through an online means of your choice, we go into much more depth in uncovering just how you can be that number one candidate and win the job of your dreams. The method that Sigal Consulting has created has an extraordinary 100% success rate. Each and every client who began the process of bettering their career path through Sigal Consulting now find themselves in a job they love, often earning more money than they had previously, and feeling overall happier and more empowered.



Sigal Consulting helps you create a marketable and attractive LinkedIn profile.

Its not enough for you to simply copy your CV to your profile as it doesn’t get the attention of employers and recruiters.

  Learn how to leverage your LinkedIn account for your job search and professional growth. An effective LinkedIn strategy is integral because:

  • 83% of jobs are obtained through networking
  • 96% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find best-fit candidates


Sigal Consulting’s objective is to create a best-fit career path and strategically align your targeted LinkedIn profile. We do this by taking into consideration your ideal job, organizations you would like to work for, and your career goals so that you can find your ideal career.

Some of the tools we teach our clients:

  • Create an awesome profile
  • Highlight your strengths and transferable skills
  • Effectively communicate your skills
  • Become visible to companies and recruiters
  • Focus on your achievements
  • Make the right connections
  • Get strong recommendations

“I found Sigal extremely professional. She is extremely personable, friendly and knowledgeable about everything to do with career and how to find a good, fitting job. During and after each meeting, I felt that I was steps closer to finding a good job and figuring out would the best route is for me.”
Talya Ben-Zur
Admin, PMO at Amdocs



We create a CV that is tailored to your skills, achievements, capabilities and transferable skills. They are not created from a standard online questionnaire, you are not standard, why should your CV be? Our process is tailor-made to your needs and cleverly designing solutions to best-fit your previous experience, expertise and skills.


  • Stand out and get the interview
  • Tailor-made to fit the industry and jobs you are applying for
  • Emphasize your experience and skills
  • Boost your self-confidence

At Sigal Consulting we create a different CV for each client and believe that everyone is individual with unique experience, skills, abilities and an exceptional personality.

Beginning a job search can be a daunting process for a number of reasons. Foremost is the fear of the unknown—once that resume has been sent, you are left totally in the dark, without a clue as to what the outcome will be. Every company has a different selection and hiring process which can add to the confusion. Perhaps you have already found a job that has turned out to be dreadful, and you’re not quite sure how to get out of it. Or you may have been fired and now worried about how you will cope without a steady income. All of these situations can seriously influence  doubts about your own self-worth and so greatly affect your self-esteem. I have dealt with many clients in these kinds of situations and together we find a best-fit and workable solution to lead them out of the crisis.

“Sigal is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. If you are looking for work or looking to switch careers, you need to make an appointment with Sigal as soon as possible. Her expertise in understanding how the job search process works and what recruiters & HR managers are looking for is invaluable. She helped me rewrite my CV, taught me how to use LinkedIn to my advantage, and directed my attention to all sorts of resources that I didn’t even know existed. We also improved my interviewing skills, which made a huge difference throughout my job search.”
Talya Mizrahi
Digital Content Marketing Manager at TeleMessage


Sigal Consulting helps a range of clients to find their perfect career. You receive individualised attention and custom-tailored solutions to suit your needs and to achieve your career goals:

  • New College / University Graduates who need assistance with how best to start the search and to place themselves in the best possible positions in their desired industries.
  • Young Professionals establishing a career path. We help our clients to find their direction and understand exactly what it is that matters to them most, in turn helping them to get the most out of their career.
  • Mid-Career Professionals needing a push in a different direction. It’s never too late to make a change, whether it’s a big or small one. If you’re feeling stuck or bored in a long-standing job and are not sure which steps to take next, then Sigal Therapy is ready and waiting to hear from you. We know from our clients that the effects are life-changing.

“Sigal has a deep understanding of the job market and guided me through the entire job search process. We rewrote my CV and I learnt how to make LinkedIn work for me. Once I published my new CV in LinkedIn the “magic” began. I started receiving calls from great companies and headhunters and finally landed the job I always wanted. Sigal is fun to work with, a great listener, gives wonderful advice and is very supportive during the challenging process of getting a new job. I highly recommend Sigal as a Career Counselor.”
Carolina Dobrovsky
Marcom – International Market at Alpha-Bio Tec


Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Career Path – an evaluation of your current situation, and establishing a future direction, developing bite-size steps on the path to your “best-fit job”.
  • Resume (CV) writing / rewriting – together we will work on opening as many doors as possible and expanding on your experience and networking beyond your current resume.
  • Interview Skills – Sigal Consulting will prepare you for interviews in a way that will have you dancing out the door with contract in-hand – (no matter your industry, level or country).
  • LinkedIn – We will build your profile, your groups and your network connections. We’ll stimulate introductions and use the features for sending resumes to get the maximum exposure on the world’s largest business platform.
  • Facebook – Social Media has changed the way we look for jobs, therefore Sigal Consulting will guide you in your job searching process and you will learn how to master Facebook’s many groups and connections. Additionally we will teach you the correct protocol and etiquette in social networking that employers are both looking for and those that you should avoid.
  • Networking Skills – We will practice useful icebreakers, establish the most useful forums suited to your search and practice skills on how to approach the right people with the right icebreakers.
  • Presentation Skills – Here you will gain the confidence you need to nail that job, down to the right positioning, body language and overall energy you should exude.

“I had the opportunity to work with Sigal on my new start-up Presentation and Pitch for Google Campus TLV Demo Day. Sigal’s professional insights and feedback helped me to deliver the right message in the best way possible. She gave invaluable and effective advice and by using her guidance and help, we won the first prize! Since then we were invited to the Parliament to deliver our idea for International Woman’s Day. Thank you so much Sigal! She is very attentive, fun to work with and is extremely dedicated. I highly recommend working with her.”
Maya Holtzer
Co-Founder, CEO at Coupick


With expertise in career consulting, Sigal Consulting tailors individual sessions to specifically cater to your needs. We will thoroughly explore all areas of your professional history, education and experience and based on your key strengths as well as weaknesses, we will discover the perfect role and industry for you.

“When you’re looking for a new job, you’re totally focused on finding one ASAP but you can often lose sight of what you really want. Sigal gave me the opportunity to get better results by talking a step back and get a clearer picture of my real objectives and thus build the best tools to success! By Sigal’s focused consulting and monitoring of carrier objectives, CV formation, LinkedIn improvement and interview simulations. I was able to meet my career objectives successfully and have found a great job very quickly! 
I found Sigal to be so caring, dedicated and a good friend. Thank you so much”
Efi Touati
Business Development Manager at e-nfo pack TMS

When you find that job that works for you, your career becomes an outlet for passion, innovation and purpose. As we help you to find your way in your professional life, you will too grow and flourish in your personal life.  If you are frustrated or discouraged because your job or career is not bringing you a sense of satisfaction, then it’s time to make an immediate change. Contact Sigal Consulting today to learn more and get started right away. We are here for you from the comfort of your own home, office or park bench during your lunch break.

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