Hi, my name is Sigal Lioness and I am an experienced Psychologist, Relationship & Family Therapist and IFS Therapist. I believe in relationships where people feel seen, heard and thus accepted for who and what they are. My therapeutic models help people connect to their inner power to build a fulfilling and meaningful life where all parts are welcome.

I help clients find fulfillment in their lives by maximizing their Personal Development, Relationships and Career life. This also helps people maintain a better and healthier lifestyle, all by using tools and methods that I have developed.

‘A good therapist must create a new therapy with every person they see’
– Irvin Yalom

The woman behind Sigal Consulting

Sigal Lioness was born in Israel, raised in Australia, I moved to London when I was 18, studied and worked there for 9 years and then in 2007 I made Alyiah to Israel. I speak both English and Hebrew fluently.

I was raised by a multicultural family, my dad was Israeli and my mum was German. Today I help couples bridge the cultural gap, helping them with open and honest communication.

I believe we all share a common goal: To be happy and more and fulfilled. I invite you to join me on this ride of happiness and fulfillment. By working together you will make changes you never thought were possible. Welcome to your future, a happier, more fulfilled: A better you.

“Sigal is a true professional, always encouraging, supporting, offering general direction as well as specific practical ideas. She has great communication skills and is full of ambition and energy.”
Yael Kochman – Partner & CEO @Re:Tech


  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapy Training with Einat Bronstein and Osnat Arbel 2020 IFS Institute 
  • Advanced Therapy Certificate in Relationship & Family Therapy – Tel Aviv University, 2015
  • Masters degree in M.Sc. Organizational Psychology – CITY University London, 2006
  • Honors Undergraduate degree in B.Sc. Psychology  – University of Westminster, London, 2003

I am trained in various techniques and I believe that career is not a separate entity to personal life and they are wholly interconnected.

Where I lecture

I am a serial lecturer at various companies and universities including:

  1. Google Campus for Moms – Maximizing LinkedIn, CV Skills Workshop, Presentation Skills, Pitching to Investors and more…
  2. Tel Aviv University – International Sofaer MBA and M.A. Organizational Behavior on career related issues and personal development.
  3. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – MBA Honors on the entire process of finding a best-fit career.
  4. Technion University – Presentation Skills and Pitching to Investors.
  5.  NuMark Innovations – Empowering Women in the Workplace.
  6. StarTAU – ‘Women in Business, Breaking the Glass Ceiling’. LinkedIn and Career.
  7. Nefesh B’Nefesh – Help new Olim (immigrants) on cross-cultural differences between finding a job in Israel.
  8. Mizpe-Hayamim Hotel – Personal Growth and Increasing Happiness in Relationships.
  9. Herods Eilat – Cross-cultural Differences in the Workplace.
  10. The Canaan Spa Hotel – Work, Family and  Juggling it all.

Additionally, I instruct employees at many hi-tech companies on various topics such as: Cross-cultural differences, how to use LinkedIn and how to gain maximum work/life balance.

“Sigal was a pleasure to work with! She is professional and cares about all her clients.”
Tal Sieger – HR Director at Guesty

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